The new Humane Society facility gleams with clean floors, roomy pens and sunlight, but the number of animals in need of adoption is nothing less than overwhelming. The Humane Society is currently home to almost 700 animals.

“Our kitten season peak is still happening, which is unusual,” said Shawna Randolph, head of communications for the Edmonton Human Society. “Out of the almost 700 animals, 460 are cats or kittens.”

The Wish Upon A Whisker Wednesday promotion has been running for the past four months. Adoption rates tend to spike on these days.

“One select Wednesday a month, we pick a different type of cat and we waive the adoption fee for that day,” said Randolph. “On Wednesday, Dec. 1, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., we are going to focus on our winter white beauties — so any cat with white on it.”

With the society teeming with cats, owners surrendering their cats are being asked to hold onto them for a few more days, so that more room can be made. There are also lots of puppies coming up for adoption in the next couple of days. Visit for more information.

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