Everything Pete Luckett knows about life he learned from the produce business.


“As a little lad, I used to do my Mom‘s shopping with a few shillings in my pocket. ”He is an award-winning businessman, entrepreneur and media personality whose personality and charming English accent complement his outstanding accomplishments.

Growing up in England, Pete Luckett was running his first fruit stall at the age of 21. Anxious to travel the world, he settled in Canada in 1979. After a failed attempt at farming near Moncton, he hitchhiked to St. John's and went back into the food market business.


“I sweet-talked the owner of the market to let me have a booth, and with my last 300 bucks I started my first fruit stand.” Powered by Pete’s determination and savyy business principles, Pete’s Frootique stores have won multiple awards and are now one of Eastern Canada’s strongest brands.


“You’ve got to go through hardship to be able to survive. It may be tough at the time, but it builds character and helps you get through the next challenge you face.”