sarah bajc Sarah Hamil Bajc still has hope that her boyfriend, Philip Wood, is still alive.
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Sarah Hamil Bajc hasn't lost hope that she will reunite with her boyfriend, Philip Wood, who is one of the missing passengers of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Wood, 51, is an American IBM executive who lives in Beijing with Bajc. The two planned to move to Kuala Lumpur together and get married this year, and Bajc told CNN on Tuesday that she believes he is still alive.

As recently as Friday, Bajc wrote a love letter to Wood on Facebook:

"Good morning baby, how are you holding up? I'm doing my best to bring you hope and courage to continue the fight. So many people have joined in ... it has become a prayer storm. Can you feel my love coming through to you? It is bottomless, so it should be able to reach, no matter where you are."

Underneath the note, she quoted author Khalil Gibran: "And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation."

This is one of several love notes Bajc has posted on Facebook. On Tuesday, she wrote:

"my dearest philip ... it has been a crazy few days. the positive energy levels are building higher and higher. can you feel it? my aunt mary sent a lovely photo from her farm in virginia. crocuses are amazing ... they look so delicate, but they are tenacious and tough to poke up through the frozen ground when there is still snow all around. it reminds me of my childhood, and of your spirit. you can make it through this! i love you so much. please stay safe."

On March 16, she wrote to Wood:
"It has been a lazy Sunday here. I cannot imagine what you must be going through. Today I ventured out of the apartment to walk around our local hutong and get a foot massage. There were children playing everywhere now that the weather is warming up. The masseuse wants to know when your business trip will be over. I miss you so much, and am so very worried about you. Good night hugs and kisses."

Bajc also posted the viral "First Kiss" video and said it reminded her of the first kiss she shared with Wood. Bajc also reminisced about playing Words with Friends with Wood in another note to him.

Bajc admitted to CNN that her friends believe she is in denial, but she stated to CNN that she still has hope.

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