A gobsmackingreport by NBC10in Rhode Island claims that an official in the city of Cranston has resigned – after she got a male worker to dress as an elderly woman to improve the optics of a press conference about senior citizen programs.

NBC10 reported that Sue Stenhouse, the executive director of the Senior Enrichment Center, quit after that station broke the bizarre story. Reporters at NBC10said sources told them"that the bus driver for the senior center masqueraded as a woman to make it look good for the media."

The event occurred on Jan. 5.

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The worker in question donned lipstick, a dress, earrings, a curly wig and even a nametag that read, "Cranston Senior Home Resident."

Writing for Gawker, Andy Cushprovided further analysis of the bureaucratic dog and pony show, explaining that"the charming old lady with a 'Cranston Senior Home Resident'sticker on her lapel [was] not in fact Jonah Hill auditioning for the title role in a Mrs. Doubtfire reboot, but a senior center employee named David Roberts."

The Associated Press said that the press conference was touting a municipal snow shovelingprogram.

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