Springsteen, Adams guest on New York singer’s latest album

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Glitter In The Gutter is the latest album from New York rocker Jesse Malin.

Jesse malin has lived the past 30 years of the evolution of rock. Pushing 40 himself, the New York rocker’s career began in Queens when he was 12 and he says his experience has granted him a certain level of musical appreciation.

“When I was in my 20s it was a lot of fun. It was about just getting fucked up, being men, being a gang and being together.”

His gang, for which he sang lead vocals, was D Generation, regarded widely as ‘glam-punk.’ But after concerning most of the 90s with the collective, Malin now finds inclination towards the individual, opting to fly solo.

“Bands that work good are more benevolent dictatorships than democracies,” he insists. “You can have a crazy fight over what photo you’re going to use for the promo shot. It’s like a five-way marriage.”

On his new release, Glitter In The Gutter, Malin has been able to fuse together positive aspects of both fronting a band and going it alone by enlisting support of some of American rock’s most notable. Bruce Springsteen and Ryan Adams, among others, lend their voice to the record. It’s the freedom to extend that invitation without offending a band that Malin enjoys about being a solo artist. Yet, he remains faithful to those who have had his back over the years.

“I’m not a big fan of talking about what special guests are here and there. My band that has toured with me for years is key to me and they’re just as important.” He adds, “I didn’t want to set out to make a Tony Bennet Duets handshake record.”

What Malin did set out to make was an album full of the energy of his D Generation days equated with the descriptive songs and stories on his personal pieces, demonstrated in the first single, Broken Radio.

“Broken Radio’s really about people who connect to a song, who are searching for some kind of a connection — out of the hell of a job or a relationship or a bad family.”

And his passion to connect is what Malin says drives his desire for constant musical betterment, despite barriers.

“In a world where people are freaked out by natural disasters, awful presidents and wars, you’ve got to find those little sparks that keep you going. The music has always been that to me.”

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