A Scarborough couple say they were physically attacked, verbally abused and had property vandalized by striking city workers while disposing their garbage at a waste site Tuesday.

“I was attacked, my car was destroyed, we were bullied by this organized mob and nobody did anything,” said Sebastian McKenzie, 35, from Scarborough who works in the film industry.

McKenzie, his seven-month-pregnant wife and two-year-old son went to the Scarborough Arena Gardens to drop off their garbage when a CUPE 416 striker told McKenzie he had to stay put for 15 minutes — a standard wait time at some picket lines.

McKenzie said the altercation started when he tried to drive away and a worker who he believes is the strike captain lunged at his car “à la a soccer player taking a shot on goal” and then punched the car, causing dents and breaking the side mirror.

A self-employed Scarborough woman who did not want her name published confirmed McKenzie’s story and said she would act as a witness in court if need be.

“Sebastian did not provoke this. He just did not want to be held hostage.

It was hot, he had a baby in the car, he had a pregnant wife.”

CUPE local 416 communications representative Pat Daley said she was not aware of the incident and does not encourage such confrontations.

“It’s perfectly legal protocol to ask people to wait. Anyone reading the news would know that there has been waits and we ask people to be patient.”

Meanwhile, McKenzie said he received a call from the CUPE local 416 office apologizing for the incident.

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