A 24-year-old woman was shot with a BB gun after she said no to a man asking for money or cigarettes, Vancouver police said yesterday.

The Coquitlam resident was outside a restaurant on the 100 block of West Pender Street on Sunday night when she was approached by the attacker.

“She declined his request and turned away, at which point she felt a sting on her lower back and realized she’d been shot with a BB gun pellet,” Vancouver Police Const. Anne Longley said in a statement.

The woman immediately called 9-1-1 with a description of the suspect.

Police arrived and after a search of the area found a man matching the description.

He was arrested with the BB gun still in his possession.

The victim had a small welt on her back where the pellet struck her, but did not require medical attention.

Troy Leard Alsager, a 36-year-old Vancouver man, is facing multiple weapons charges.

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