In the race between cyclist and automobile, two legs are better than one car.

A week before Calgary’s fourth annual Bike to Work Day, city judge Victor Tousignant went against both car and bus to win the Suit Pursuit last Friday. Racing 11 kilometres from Glenmore Landing to Eau Claire, Tousignant won with about four minutes to spare.

“The (race) is the lead-up to our big day,” says Bike to Work Day founder Lonny Balbi, of Balbi & Company Legal Centre.

Every year the cyclist has won, he says.

An avid cycler, Balbi is encouraging other Calgarians to use their bikes to commute to work during Bike to Work Day events this Friday.

Participating bikers can expect a free pancake breakfast along with a few other rewards.

“Biking is a great way for people to get into work,” says Balbi. “If you (cycle) once, maybe you’ll do it twice, and then again and again.”

Although this is a community event, the City of Calgary is supportive of the initiative to get more cyclists using city parks and pathways.

“We have quiet a few cyclists on staff,” says Lorie Boychuk, communications strategist with the City of Calgary. “We’re always trying to get more on board."

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