An Edmonton man is facing two charges after he allegedly beat up a kitten including throwing the animal against a wall.

Investigators say a man was “scolding” his common-law wife’s eight-week-old cat after it was chewing on a charger cord for his cellphone.

The man allegedly grabbed the kitten, struck it hard three times before he tossed it against a wall in a home in the city’s west end back on May 23, according to police.

Police said the investigation involved the Edmonton Humane Society and after consulting with the Crown, charges were laid this week against the man who is in his mid-20s.

Police and the Edmonton Humane Society have refused to release the man’s identification.


The man faces two Criminal Code charges related to causing unnecessary pain to an animal and wounding an animal.

Edmonton Humane Society spokesperson Shawna Randolph said the kitten’s injuries were “very noticeable” when it was treated.

“We alerted police as soon as we saw there was something wrong,” said Randolph.

“Now to find out that charges have been laid, we find that this is a good step towards possibly having someone be taken through the courts and be held accountable.

“Animals need dignity and respect,” she added.