TORONTO - One of the alleged ringleaders of the violent protests during June's G20 summit in Toronto will be back in court Tuesday after he was sent back to jail, accused of breaching bail conditions.

A lawyer for Alex Hundert said on Sunday his client got in trouble on Friday by taking part in a panel discussion at Ryerson University dealing with issues connected to the G20.

John Norris said Hundert is accused of breaching a bail condition that he not participate in any public demonstration.

But Norris challenged the latest charge.

"The laying of the charge reflects a misunderstanding of what was intended by the justice of the peace in ordering that as a term of his bail," said Norris.

Hundert is being held at a detention centre, and appeared briefly in court Saturday morning, as his supporters demonstrated outside the courthouse in Toronto.

Norris said during the next court appearance the Crown will likely set a date for a hearing to have Hundert's bail on the previous charges revoked.

"We continue to await disclosure from the Crown and at this stage of things, we will be fighting the charges for as long as possible," said Norris.

Hundert, 30, faces three charges of conspiracy pertaining to the G20 protests. Hundert has said the charges are politically motivated.

A number of police cars were set on fire and many shops were damaged when demonstrations during the G20 turned violent.