A 12-year-old boy who was sexually assaulted at an apartment after leaving the Sherbourne subway station had been tricked in a “unique” way, police said yesterday.

While she would not elaborate on the method used, Det. Const. Candice Fils said a man approached the boy at Howard and Bleecker streets, befriended him and brought him back to an apartment on Ontario Street Monday morning.

A surveillance camera caught an image of a man entering the building with the victim, police said.

Fils said there could be other victims as well.

“We know that in some sexual assaults, some people don’t report it because of humiliation or whatnot,” she said.

“To take a 12-year-old off the street and take him back to his apartment to sexually assault him is pretty (rare) ... It’s just we can’t not assume the worst.”

Police arrested Mohammad Butt, 40, Wednesday night and charged him with sexual assault, sexual interference and invita­tion to sexual touching.

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