When the strike ended last night, the TTC union was not off the hook with one angry Vaughan resident.

Ian Serota is demanding payment for his angst at having to get up extra early Saturday to drive his wife to work, when she would normally use her Metropass.

His rude awakening was caused by the strike, and he puts the price on his two-way taxi service at $150 plus GST and will take the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113, which represents the on-strike workers union, to small claims court if he doesn’t get a cheque, he says.


There are thousands of other people who could potentially take the union to small claims court for the same reason.

“For services rendered as a driver in replacement of work you WOULD NOT complete ... I am charging you $150.00. G.S.T. (5%)=$7.50,” Serota says in his letter to Local 113. “Please send a cheque within thirty (30) days, failure to pay will result in legal action.”

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