This man's enthusiasm for watching beavers build their house will bring a smile to your face.


A family of busy beavers were diligently working constructing their house alongside the Bow River in Calgary Canada when an eager man with a camera was somehow able to get up close with the beavers and film them while they were working. The video was originally filmed last year in March, but the video is starting to go viral.


"Look, I'm not here to eat you or to kill you, I'm just here to film you. And without any exaggeration, the beaver started to work right in front of me," said the man with the camera as the beavers were watching him closely. The beavers appear to trust the man and they continued their work on the house.


As the video continues, he spotted one beaver carrying a bundle of sticks and twigs while walking on his rear legs.


wife, beaver, video, watch Credit: YouTube


He pans the camera to the side and you can see his wife watching him from their house. "There's my wife standing in the background waiting for me to finish," the man says.

Apparently beaver watching is an all-day affair because he lets us know that he was going to be late for a dinner event later in the evening.

As the beavers continue to work and move around like The Doozers from "Fraggle Rock," he describes the entire event as "the best beaver experience of his life."

This video is proof that sometimes it is the little things in life that will bring us much joy.