Stopping to help a man involved in an accident proved costly for a Good Samaritan early Monday morning.

Police say a woman who tried to help the victim of an accident at the intersection of Sarcee Trail and Crowchild Dr. NW just before 3 a.m. was assaulted when the man punched her in the face and then stole her car.

“It’s very concerning for us. This is a woman who stopped to help someone and then she gets assaulted and her car stolen. It’s a very violent and concerning act,” Insp. Keith Cain said of the incident.

The man had just T-boned a taxi when the woman stopped to help, police said.

“This is a violent string of events. We appreciate the woman trying to be a good citizen and we’re sure the rest of Calgary thanks her too. It’s concerning she was assaulted for doing so.”

Police were called to another collision in Silver Springs where it’s believed the same man struck a light pole.

A 21-year-old suspect remains in custody pending an appearance in court.

The taxi driver was taken to hospital in stable condition but has since been released. The woman was treated on scene and released.

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