An unarmed man was shot three times and killed by a Calgary Police officer early Wednesday morning, an independent investigator said Thursday.

Promising “no stone will be left unturned”, the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) launched an intensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding suspect Travis Oakes’ death. A 20-year veteran of the police force shot Oakes three times.

“The investigation will be thorough, it will be exhaustive, it will be done in a professional manner and we will work to uncover the truth,” ASIRT executive director Clifton Purvis said.

Oakes was known to police and part of an ongoing investigation about property offences when undercover police officers were following him, Purvis said. Oakes was washing the stolen Chevy Caprice he was driving at Western Pride Car Wash when police blocked him in the bay.

“In an attempt to flee from the arrest, Mr. Oakes attempted to drive his vehicle through the closed doors of the car wash,” said Purvis, adding the officer who discharged his weapon was positioned outside of the bay.

Purvis said investigators will determine if the circumstances warrant future charges.