A lax memory may have landed a man in trouble with authorities after police found a handgun in the suspect’s backpack at the Calgary Courts Centre.

Police say a man walked into the Calgary Courts Centre on Monday afternoon and placed his coat and backpack through the X-ray scanning machine. That’s when Alberta Sheriffs immediately detected a semi-automatic handgun in the backpack.

Staff Sgt. Nancy Farmer says it appears the man may have forgotten the gun, an unloaded Luger, and the ammo, was in the bag. There was also allegedly a small amount of marijuana in the bag.

“We don’t believe he had intentions to use it. We actually believe he forgot he had it there in the first place,” Farmer said, adding the man was at court for an unrelated matter.

The suspect is not known to police, she added.

“It’s a big concern anytime anyone brings a weapon anywhere. It is not appropriate for anyone to carry a handgun,” Farmer said of the incident.

Farmer said during the investigation, police discovered the gun is one of 50 weapons stolen from Wholesale Sports earlier this month. Two people are facing charges in the ongoing investigation. This is the second weapon recovered that originally came from the stolen goods.

Carlos Javier Reyes, 22, of Calgary has been charged with numerous weapons charges and possession of marijuana.