A man who stomped on an Edmonton bus driver’s face 14 times during a savage beating has pleaded guilty to aggravated assault.

Gary Edwin Mattson has also admitted he assaulted a peace officer in connection with the beating last December.

Court heard Thursday that Mattson, who is 25, got into an argument with driver Tom Bregg over the $2.50 fare.

Mattson hit Bregg several times while he was still in the driver’s seat, and then dragged him off the bus and kicked him in the face when he became wedged between the bus and the curb.

The Crown says surveillance video from the bus shows Mattson repeatedly stomping on Bregg after he was already unconscious.

Bregg, who was in hospital for more than eight weeks and lost vision in one eye, showed up for Mattson’s court appearance and said he is doing well.

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