A man has been released from the Burnside jail 43* days late, Metro Halifax has learned.

Sources tell Metro Halifax the inmate was released from the Central Nova Correctional Facility today, more than a month after his scheduled release date of Oct. 5.

The Department of Justice confirmed an offender was kept in custody for too long, and that he was released this morning. The department could not confirm the identity of the man or his offence,


Justice Minister Ross Landry said an internal inquiry into the matter has been launched, as well as the early release of an inmate two weeks ago.

Vernon Martell was set free on Friday, Nov. 5. He was serving an 84-day sentence at the Central Nova Correctional Facility for theft under $5,000 and breaching his conditions. The department said "clerical errors" led to his release.

Landry said there may be a connection between the two incidents.

* Correction (3:40 p.m. AST): An earlier version of this article stated the inmate had been kept 85 days past his sentence, as per information from a source. The Department of Justice has since confirmed the inmate was released 43 days late.

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