VICTORIA — A man’s wrong turn on a street in Nanaimo street likely saved a woman from a gunman — her common-law husband.


James Bourgeois of Mission, B.C., says he was looking for a friend’s home in the Vancouver Island city when saw a distraught woman yelling and waving at the side of the road.


Bourgeois says he thought a child was hurt and pulled up beside the woman, who yelled that a man was trying to kill her and jumped in the car.


Seconds later a man appeared out of nowhere, pointed a pistol at the woman and pulled the trigger.


Miraculously, the gun did not fire and Bourgeois sped off with the woman towards the RCMP station as the man tried to get in his vehicle.

Nanaimo RCMP’s emergency response team later entered a home where they found a person whom they’ve identified as Chung Thap Hua, dead of a gunshot wound.

Police said 41-year-old Hua had been arrested before for uttering threats and released on a peace bond, but a previous search for his gun turned up nothing.