A man claims he was kicked out of a downtown bar a few minutes after the second Canucks-Blues playoff game on Friday because he was wearing a Canucks jersey.

Mark James was out enjoying the game at the Library Square Pub, a place he often frequents before Canucks games.

This time, he was wearing his jersey, jacket and hat — all of which sport the Canucks logo.

Minutes after the game ended, bouncers asked him to take off the jersey or leave.

“After refusing, they forced me out for not removing my jersey,” James said.

Library Square management said they kicked James and his friend out for being drunk, but James said that is a blatant lie.

“They said I was drunk. I was far from it,” James said. “I’m contemplating filing a suit for defamation against the restaurant.”

Management also said the no-jersey rule is in place to reduce fights that could erupt between angry fans.

“I am the friendliest giant, I have never been in a fight,” James said. “I’ll rip (other fans) a little bit, but it’s all in good fun.”

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