The son of a man involved of a single-vehicle collision in northeast Calgary Saturday morning was killed when another vehicle struck him on the side of the road while he was trying to assist his father, according to police.

Calgary police and emergency services were called out to a single-vehicle crash involving an adult male around 7:15 Saturday, on southbound 84 St NE, 1 kilometre south of the Trans-Canada Highway.

The man involved in the crash called his wife and son to assist him. The wife and son arrived in a Dodge Caravan and parked on the edge of the road facing southbound to provide assistance. Another vehicle had also stopped to provide help, parking in front of the minivan.

Duty Insp. Dean Lagrange said a 21-year-old male was at the rear of the van when struck and crushed between the two vehicles by a full-size Ford F250 at the side of the road.

Several other vehicles were involved in the second crash, after the fact, according to police.

Calgary EMS said the male was assessed on scene and taken to hospital with a chest injury and is considered to be in stable, non life-threatening condition.

A woman was taken to hospital in stable, non-life threatening condition with a shoulder injury.

The 21-year-old man was declared dead on the scene, according to Calgary EMS.

Alcohol and poor driving conditions were contributing factors to the collision, according to a police release.

Charges are pending against the 28-year-old driver of the F250.

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