Kristian Thanapalan never stood a chance.

The 23-year-old, looking forward to beginning his studies at York University in September, was swarmed by as many as 25 men and beaten to death with baseball and cricket bats early Saturday, according to a friend who escaped with only minor injuries.

Police are still looking for suspects and are to hold a news conference today.

“There was no reason to hit us — we never had no problems — so I think it could have been a territorial issue,” said the friend. “They probably thought we were new guys coming here. We never had nothing to do with them, they had nothing to do with us.”

Thanapalan and five buddies were playing volleyball at Glamorgan Park near Kennedy Road and Highway 401 shortly after midnight Saturday, said the friend, who lives nearby and requested his name not be used for fear of reprisal. They were sharing the park with another group of men playing cricket at a nearby baseball diamond, he said.

“We were about to leave to get some food. We went to our cars and a bunch of guys came from two angles and pretty much surrounded us. A couple of us were able to run off,” he said.

Thanapalan was not so lucky. The men with bats — about six or seven in total — divided into groups, some chasing Thanapalan’s terrified friends, others pounding on Thanapalan himself.

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