This guy becomes way too excited after finding out what happens when he uses a condom and Nutella to enhance the popular Mentos-and-Coke-and-Mentos experiment.

According to YouTube user Milliaccendini, a world record was set by using Coke, Mentos, a Durex condom and a smear of Nutella to make the two-liter bottle of soda explode with brownish liquid into the condom. We're not sure what the exact record is for something like this, but based on his excitement alone, he probably should have his name in the Guinness.

To see chocolate-hazel nut infused liquid gushing into a condom is gross, but to witness this guys delight, excitement and love for Nutella for is priceless.

The video ends with the condom exploding off the bottle and man who seems very happy with his modified science experiment.


This viral video was posted on March 28 and has received over 2.5 million page views.

The Nutella

condom, nutella, mentos, coke

The Mentos

condom, nutella, mentos, coke

The happiness

condom, nutella, mentos, coke

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