Mayor Stephen Mandel is suggesting bringing in a bylaw that could make people think twice about carrying knives on city streets in Edmonton.

And having a bylaw could give police a tool to deal with a person who is suspected of carrying a knife, something Mandel feels can’t be enforced by police because of red tape, he told the city’s executive committee yesterday.

“We know there’s kids carrying around a knife — we can’t stop it,” said Mandel during the committee meeting. “Even if we don’t take them into the criminal justice system, we can create a bylaw that gives them a fine, which may be just as effective. Give them a $200 fine for carrying a knife in public.”

Mandel’s comments came after council was given a city report that says the weapons fall under the Criminal Code and that knives already face restrictions. The federal government already prohibits people from carrying them, but Mandel asked if police have the right to deal with a person suspected of carrying one.

“The question is reasonable cause, and that’s why I want to know what can be done municipally,” said Mandel. “If police have the right to do it, I want to know why they are not doing it.”