More than four years ago, Henry Stanley Morales boarded an Air Canada jet for Mexico and vanished.

By the time Peel police discovered his wife, Malena, beaten and strangled in their Brampton apartment, Morales was in the wind.

Even though the trail remains cold, homicide investigators and the victim’s family haven’t given up hope that one day Morales will be captured and brought back to Canada to stand trial.

Now 34, Morales remains one of Canada’s most wanted criminals.

He is also wanted by Interpol and was featured last year on the popular website of America’s Most Wanted television show.

“They got one tip after the story went up on their website. Somebody thought they recognized him as a man selling newspapers in Texas at an intersection,” Peel homicide Det. Tom Warfield said.

Whether Morales was the newspaper seller remains to be seen. But he does have a connection to the area: His father lives within a few kilometres of the intersection, in Harris County, just outside of Houston.

“U.S. marshals and the sherriff’s department checked out the area and watched his father’s house, but they never found him,” Warfield said.

“Personally, I think he went south from Mexico, but that one tip in Texas still bothers me.”

Malena, 31, was slain during a violent domestic argument on the night of July 11, 2006, in the master bedroom of their 12th-floor apartment on Steeles Avenue West in Brampton.

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