Charles Manson in California in the 1970s.Getty Images

The greatest debate fact check we’ve ever witnessed. This is Donald Trump’s “Arrested Development.”

Stevie Wonder and Chaka Khan honored Prince on Thursday, and you can look at the photos and get totally jealous that you weren’t there. Just like we are.

Does PlayStation VR work with Xbox? Ehhh...

A follower of 60s cult leaderCharles Manson is serving a life sentence and was just denied parole.


Obama called Yemen strikes “limited and proportionate” to the threats made to the U.S. Navy ships.

Wells Fargo might be calling off the ticker tape parade for new CEO Tim Sloan.

Melania isn't mad thatNatasha Stoynoffsaid Trump assaulted her. She's suing becauseStoynoff said she and Trump's third wife are friends.

A comet hit Earth... but don't worry, it was a long time ago. Before you two ever met.

Supreme Court JusticeGinsburgtakes it back, Colin.

Two more women accuse Trump of groping. One of the women said it seemed like he did it just to show he can get away with it.

J.P. Bilbrey getting off the chocolate ride.

Whispers of “Oscar” are surrounding Natalie Portman for her role as Jackie O.

It’s good to know the local laws, so if you’re ever in Jersey, remember: Moonwalking isn’t illegal… unless you have heroin and needles on you.

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