They may not be functional, but the two machine guns that rise from the hood and the four rocket launchers that extend over the lowering front grill are pretty damn sexy.

They’re indisputably the most notable features of the Ultimate Spy Car by the Cloverdale-based Exclusive Motor Cars, on display now at the 2009 Vancouver International Auto Show, which runs until Sunday at B.C. Place.

“It’s a completely customized car based on the James Bond series,” said auto show spokeswoman Laura Ballance of the replica Aston Martin, which also has revolving license plates, a centre console champagne case and a dashboard that drops down to reveal a hidden compartment.

Still, despite impulsive urges some may feel during today’s economic uncertainty, cars with high-powered weaponry aren’t exactly prevalent at this year’s show. What there will be a substantial range of, however, is “green” vehicles — environmentally friendly cars, trucks and even SUVs.

“One thing that people will see is the absolute proliferation of advanced technology vehicles, whether it’s fuel cell, electric, rapid electric or hybrid,” said Ballance.

“I think the difference that show-goers will see this year is the variety of manufacturers and price points that hybrids are now being offered in.”

An example of this is the 2010 Toyota Prius, which features a new hybrid power system that provides 22 per cent more power while reducing consumption by seven per cent.

The third-generation Prius also features a moon roof with solar panels that power a smart ventilation system.

Another is the Dodge Circuit EV prototype, which goes from zero to 100 km/h in less than five seconds, requires no gasoline and produces no tailpipe emissions.

Ballance says the show is combination of the flashy and the practical and is an ideal place for potential car-buyers to do research.

“If you’re looking at possibly making a new car purchase in the near future, this is a good place to come, in a non-selling environment,” she said.

“These are product manufacturer specialists. They can talk to you about their brand, their product. It’s a great place to do research, get in and out of the cars and see what new car is right for you.”

The Vancouver International Auto Show is B.C.’s largest trade and consumer event, with just under 500 cars on display this year.

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