Don’t expect to be asked whether you want paper or plastic anymore. Soon, the option may not be available.

Ald. John Mar is hoping to reverse the negative effects plastic bags have on the environment by banning them, a motion he is bringing to the city council meeting on Monday.
“I think the public wants this,” Mar said.

While the move to get rid of plastic bags is potentially controversial and may be difficult to implement, Mar points to cities like San Francisco, which have already embraced a plastic bag-free environment.

Markets and pharmacies in San Francisco have the option of using compostable bags made of cornstarch or recyclable paper, but at a cost between two and five times higher than for plastic.

“The bags are reusable so cost may not be a problem,” said Roger Saint-Fort, chair of environmental science at Mount Royal College.
“They can last you for several years; it may actually be very cost-effective.”

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