That Marc Anthony sure knows how to end his set, reports. The crooner completed his recent inaugural performance by bringing “my wife,” Jennifer Lopez, on to the stage with him, for a duet.

This thrilled the crowd at the Inauguration’s Western Ball, held in the largest ballroom of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, where the guests also included Angela Bassett and Harold & Kumar and House star Kal Penn, reports The Washington Post. The 10:25 p.m. appearance of Lopez also further put to rest rumours of a marital rift between the couple.

Earlier in the evening, Anthony had said, “I wrote this next song about Jennifer. I must have been psychic.” The song was his decade-old You Sang to Me. “She didn’t get the point, but eventually it worked,” said Anthony, the Associated Press reports.

The couple ended their duet with a kiss. “Man, she’s cute,” Anthony said after Lopez exited the stage.