This time next week, Canadian Forces members from Ottawa will be among those covering the same terrain where many of their forefathers fell during the Second World War.

About 70 men and women from Ottawa and area prepared for their departure to the Nijmegen Marches — a four-day march in the Netherlands to commemorate the contribution of Canadian soldiers in the liberation of the Netherlands — yesterday.

Two months ago, the Canadian War Museum was honoured by the royal visit of Princess Margriet of the Netherlands, said Mark O’Neill, director general of the Canadian War Museum.

“She came here to mark the 65th anniversary of her country’s liberation from Nazi occupation, a liberation led by Canadian soldiers.

Her visit was a tribute to those brave Canadians and a reminder of the special and lasting bond that was forged between our two countries.”

These marches are a training vehicle to develop individual strength and stamina, said Brigadier-General John Madower, assistant chief of military personnel of the Canadian Forces.

“But most importantly, the Nijmegen Marches reconnect us with ...the Netherlands and reaffirms the special bond between our two nations.”

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