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Mark Block: Angry smoking man wants you to vote for Herman Cain

Will you vote for the candidate who blows the most smoke in your face?

Here at Metro, we are big fans of Herman Cain. Sure, we may not agree with the economics of his "9-9-9" plan (at all), but we have to admit, he is a strangely likable guy. We just can't bring ourselves to root for anyone else!

So of course we were thrilled last night to learn that the Big Dog (that's our new nickname for him) had a new campaign ad out that was blowing up the Internet. We checked it out and let's just say we were not disappointed.

We don't want to spoil the fun, but as a point of explanation we will say that the mysterious smoking man who figures so prominently in the ad is Mark Block, Cain's campaign manager and the man who reportedly talked Herman Cain into starting this whole crazy business in the first place. Why is he smoking? As Block himself told Politico, "That's just Block being Block." Love it.

(Also, the vibe going around the political press this morning is that Cain is actually not at all serious about becoming President, and this ad is part of his secret plan to sabotage his own campaign. Say it ain't so, Herman!)

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