Mark’s Work Wearhouse is quietly experimenting with vending machines in two locations.

If successful, the Canadian retailer says it will add more in other locations around the country.

The machines were installed in December, one in the GO Bus terminal on Bay Street, next to Union Station, and the other in the William Osler Health Centre in Brampton. And while many consumers aren’t sure what to make of them, Robin Lynas, vice-president of corporate development for Mark’s, says both machines have recorded some sales.

The hospital machine dispenses everything from nurses scrubs to lounge­wear, while the Union Station machine is focused on toques, umbrellas and mittens. The prices for the merchandise are the same as in the stores or online and the machines accept both debit and credit cards, but not cash.

While it’s not unusual in Japan and India, Mark’s believes it may be the first retailer in Canada to sell clothing this way.