Massages, food, toys, jewelry, and basically things you don’t need — but want — are all available in one place: The Stampede market.

Always popular and busy, the market has lots of interesting and strange things — which is why Samantha Steele and Marcheline Lundy say they look forward to the shopping in the market every year.

“I come every year and always pick up a set of Egyptian cotton sheets and some house stuff, but I always manage to find some new cool things too,” Lundy said.

The market also gives local and unique vendors an outlet to showcase their products, said Catalyst Reaction owner Kat Bachmeir.

“We’re really trying to get people out of the malls and supporting local handmade products in Canada,” she said.

Or perhaps, if you’re interested in the latest in toys, then the Ideal Blox are right for you.

“We sell a lot and the best part is there are no instructions,” said Mark Olson. “It was invented by a mathematician. Kids are engrossed with making and creating different inventions.”

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