Trendy designs often impress with gimmicks, but they also age quickly. That’s why Market Wharf, located near the St. Lawrence Market, demonstrates the power of tasteful modernity instead.


Market Wharf’s director of interior design and marketing Craig Taylor says the goal of the overall design at the development was not to chase trends but to create them.


“We really tried to stay away from flashy, trendy designs and just give our purchasers something that’s simple, elegant and modern. Flashy designs date very easily so we wanted to provide a product that endures with time,” Taylor said.


When it comes to commanding a space, kitchens are king and Market Wharf’s kitchen area shows off a few unique, modern twists with quartz countertops, dark cabinetry with horizontal wood grain, a full-sized stainless steel vent hood over the stove, an undermount sink and a European-style fridge that is tall and sleek instead of the usual chubby food box standard in so many condos.


“One of my pet peeves is short, fat North American fridges. We’ve gone with a European, extra tall, true counter-depth fridge with a full depth gable on both sides. It’s not something you typically see in Toronto — this is just another way for us to up the ante,” Taylor said.

The kitchen floor brightens up the space with large porcelain tiles that can be extended throughout the entire apartment, should the purchaser request it, to expand the look of
the suite, though a hardwood finish is also available.

“Every time you break up the flooring material, it makes the space smaller, the porcelain really opens up the space. You’re always fighting for every square inch downtown, so anything we can do to enlarge the space, we’ll do,” Taylor said.

In the bathroom, elements like an oversize custom frame mirror, undermount sink and wall tiling that extends beyond the shower to take over an entire feature wall create a look that inspires with its attention to detail rather than gimmicky tricks. The cabinetry is identical to that used in the kitchen to add to the unified feel of the suite and project closeness instead of the typical modern detachment.

“We wanted to provide a very modern, clean hotel spa-style bathroom that keeps to a modern warmth but is still elegant,” Taylor said.