Maroon 5

Album: It Won’t Be Soon Before Long

Label: Octone/Universal

Release Date: May 22

*** (out of 5)


Maroon 5 have retro-fitted their sound and brought sexy back for their second album It Won’t Be Soon Before Long. Adam Levine & Co. punched up the tracks with touches of ’80s fuzz-funk and chunkier disco-rock beats — but ultimately didn’t stray far from 2002’s Songs About Jane formula of success.


The light jungle groove of Makes Me Wonder and the shaker-kick of Can’t Stop are good indications of the results and how they will be filling up a dance floor near you soon. Fans should enjoy following Levine’s falsetto croon through “new” territory like the Prince-erotic Kiwi and the soulful balladry of Back At Your Door. Sure, the sound teeters along boy-band boundaries — lyrics about Levine’s love life and there’s even some liberal Police sampling. However, you have to give kudos to a pretty smart followup.