Eat My Martini

648 College St. W.


Ambience: The name gives away its signature drink, but Eat My Martini has a few surprises to offer those seeking out an intimate, yet lively, spot for drinks on College Street. The space is similar to others you’re likely to find in the neighbourhood — compact and trendy — but it offers a welcoming atmosphere for date spot-seekers and a chilled-out vibe for quieter nights with friends. Arrive early on weekends for a chance at a table.

Crowd: Relatively young throughout the week (think university aged) and a bit older (roughly late 20s) on weekends. The crowd is friendly, but tends to be a bit clique-ish, which could make standard ice breakers a tough sell.


Dress code: Think College Street casual — stylish, but not over-dressed.

Will I Get lucky?: There’s a good chance on busy nights, but don’t bank on it. Clubs such as Mod Club down the street are still the best bet for the single set.

Should I dance on the bar?: Not unless you want to lose your martini privileges.

Best reason to pay a visit: There’s a long menu full of them, most of which include vodka as a main ingredient.

Cocktail du jour: Would it be beating a dead horse to argue that the martini is the preferred drink at this establishment? Probably, but let’s do it anyway. The martinis come in a wide range of colours and flavours — some are merely mixed drinks in a martini glass, but no one’s really complaining — and all seem to please the liquor-loving clientele.

Winter hours: 6 p.m. until late. Closed Sunday and Tuesday.

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