Mary Morassutti was 35 years old and at the top of her profession, directing and shooting television shows all over the world. Married and expecting her first child, she reached a turning point and knew she’d have to leave her job because of the grueling travel schedule.

“I knew I was going to reinvent myself and I didn’t realize how much my identity was tied into my career. I felt I was floating in the abyss and couldn’t find my feet.”

Mary asked a female colleague who had also faced the same situation. She was blunt when she told her, “The best gift you can give a child is a happy mother”.

Today, Mary runs her own business development and marketing company called mk strategic and is an executive managing director of eWomenNetwork.


“Find out what makes you happy and how you can bring both worlds together. I’ve met some incredible women who are juggling everything and still doing great work. You can have it all.”

Did she follow her colleague’s advice?

“Yes,” she says with a smile, “I’m a very happy mother.”

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