Greg Penney had good reason to celebrate the first regular day of garbage pickup after the city workers’ strike — and it wasn’t because he had a lot of trash to get rid of.

The Upper Beach resident, who usually picks through the garbage near his house for bottles and items of value, struck gold yesterday.

Before noon, he had already found a 15-speed bike, more than 9 kilograms of copper and brass fittings, $10 worth of bottles, a Maple Leafs clock in a shadow box and a full bottle of beer.

“I’m always scavenging,” said Penney, 43, as he paused to drop the bike off at home before heading back out.

“It’s amazing what you find in the garbage.”

To help get rid of waste accumulated during the strike, the city is allowing residents to leave unlimited garbage and recyclables for pickup for the next month.

On streets across the city, people took advantage of the grace period, piling up bags of extra garbage as well as old mattresses, couches and other large discarded items from around the house.

Crews are working overtime to clean it up, with some workers taking 12-hour shifts to get the job done.