Band members reunite after a two-year break

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Matchbox Twenty performs at the Air Canada Centre tonight.

After a break that lasted more than two years, rock band Matchbox Twenty is back on the music scene.

The group — Rob Thomas (singer), Kyle Cook (guitar), Brian Yale (bass) and Paul Doucette (drums) — decided to go its separate ways in order to explore individual projects.

Doucette told Metro that the break was an important move that helped keep the band afloat.

“I think that one of the big things for us, is that we kind of allow everyone to have their space to do their thing,” Doucette said. “Like us taking our break over the last couple years was important in keeping Matchbox Twenty going.”

Still, many people, including loyal fans, thought the band had split up for good. “We took a break so we don’t break up,” Doucette explained. “So, I think in allowing everyone to do their thing and be themselves inside the band and outside, has been pretty important to our longevity.”

Matchbox Twenty, which has sold more than 44 million albums worldwide, rolls into town for a gig at the Air Canada Centre tonight in support of latest album, Exile On Mainstream.

“I expect a life-changing event and if I get anything less then I’m going to be disappointed. I expect flowers are going to grow out of my finger tips,” he said with a laugh. “I just hope that everyone comes out and has a really good time. We definitely feel that we’re the best we’ve ever been personally and as a band.”

Originally, Doucette said, the new record was intended to be a greatest hits album, but he and the rest of the group wanted to give fans something more. Hence the creation of six new songs, followed by 11 old ones on a second CD.

“We’re happy with it. We really like the direction that’s kind of coming out,” he said. “It kind of gave us like a little bit of a faith in our longevity.”

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