There’s a dream, and a purpose, behind Brad May’s arrival with the Leafs.

The dream part began yesterday morning when May, a Toronto native, woke up in Anaheim to learn of the trade the Leafs made with Anaheim for a conditional sixth-round draft pick in 2010.

After 17 years in the NHL, the 37-year-old was finally coming home to play for his hometown heroes.

The purpose part reflects May’s highly held reputation as the consummate team leader and a player who undeniably sticks up for his teammates.

“I think I have the character that Brian (Burke) wants on his teams, but I’ll let other people talk about that. But really, I think I have those intangibles that teams need to have.”

May has also dealt with controversy.

He was alleged to have sparked the Todd Bertuzzi-Steve Moore incident and was named in a lawsuit filed by Moore, but he was later dropped from the suit. Moore’s brother, Dominic, is arguably the Leafs’ best player and May said he is looking forward to meeting him tonight when he reports to the Leafs for the team’s game in Montreal.

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