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Climbers will ascend 180 flights of stairs to the 90th floor of One World Trade on May 17, to raise money for American servicemen and women who suffered brutal, life-altering injuries defending our freedoms, it was revealed Monday.

It will be the tower’s first ever stair-climb benefit event. Two charitable powerhouses are teaming up to make it happen.


The Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation and the Captain Billy Burke Foundation announced details at Burke’s firehouse, Engine Company 21 in midtown Manhattan.

Burke and Siller, a Park Slope fireman who ran with 60 pounds of gear through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to get to the burning twin towers, both died on 9/11/2001.

“It’s just so important to us that we’re going to have the first ever stair climb in One World Trade Center,” his brother Frank Siller, foundation chairman and CEO, told WCBS 880 radio. “We want people from all over the United States to come and do it.”

The proceeds from the day will help build homes for catastrophically-injured service members and to feed education funds for kids who lost a mom or dad to war.

Burke hopes his brother’s words will give climbers strength

“As they’re climbing flight after flight going up to the 20th, 30th, 40th, 60th, 70th floor and their knees are killing them, their back is killing them just think of the words of Captain William F. Burke, Jr. on Sept. 11 to his men: ‘Keep going, I’m right behind you,'” he said.

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