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<p>You may already have what it takes. That’s the message the Calgary Police Service issued yesterday in unveiling its 2008 officer recruitment campaign.</p>


Calgary Police Service unveils new recruiting drive to help lure hundreds of fresh officers



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Const. and acting detective Juno Brady and Const. Rebecca Fahey were part of yesterday’s Calgary Police Service launch of a new recruiting campaign at Chinook Centre. The CPS needs close to 400 new officers over the next two years.

You may already have what it takes.

That’s the message the Calgary Police Service issued yesterday in unveiling its 2008 officer recruitment campaign.

Police Chief Rick Hanson announced the new campaign and changes at Chinook Centre to more than 100 people in an effort to lure more applicants to the city force.

“We are planning on hiring literally hundreds of police officers over the next few years and the new campaign is going to help us attract the best candidates,” Hanson said, adding many people may not even know they already have the skills needed to don a police uniform.

“This campaign will attract successful police officers from all walks of life. I think people might be surprised to hear they already have what we are looking for.”

Hanson, who himself worked in construction before turning to policing, said many Calgarians are working in careers where they already have the necessary skills like communication and discipline.

Const. Rebecca Fahey was on the Canadian women’s hockey team when they won gold in 1997 and joined the CPS almost a year ago.

“I got interested in police when a friend of mine was looking into it so I started doing my own research before joining. So far it has been great and it has been a really good fit for me, I think people should just give it a shot,” she said.

And with the 2008 campaign underway, the chief says changes to the application process, make it much easier to apply. The service is waiving application fees and extending the hours for applying and testing.

While some may see those efforts as lowering standard for applicants, Hanson said that’s not the case.

“We have not lowered our standards. The testing hasn’t changed. We’re doing everything we can to attract honest and ethical people to join.”

Renae Cockx, 30, applied to the police service this year but failed the physical test by 15 seconds in March.

She said new changes that came into affect last month will help her pass the test.

“You’re supposed to be able to complete the test in four minutes and I finished in four minutes and 15 seconds.

“They now extended that to four minutes and 45 seconds to get into the training, and by the end they will make sure you are under four minutes,” Cockx explained, adding she is going to attempt the physical test again this month.

Ready to hire

  • The force is currently about 40 officers short, but is hoping to hire about 200 to prepare for upcoming retirements and growth.

  • For more information, call 1-866-277-4473 or check out

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