Re: "Canadians need common sense":

I’m happy that (letter writer) Eddie G. makes extra income at home at night, (as a telemarketer), phoning strangers with little regard for their shiftwork sleep, child-rearing, family dinner-time, study, etc.

It seems crazy that telephone soliciting still exists when the marketplace is available at home over the Internet whenever the public needs it. If Eddie G. finds a "rude" reaction when making his unsolicited calls perhaps another choice of part-time work might be the answer. — steve H., via e-mail


Private sector may be healthy answer

This past weekend I attended the B.C. Liberals’ Conversation on Health for Mission, Abbotsford, and Chilliwack. What I took out of the meeting was that people, like me, are open to trying something different to address the fact that the current health care system is not sustainable, as long as the principle of accessibility is maintained.

We shouldn’t fear private sector involvement. Today, more than 30 per cent of the current system is already private, including most medical labs.

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