Cleaning up Toronto after the Harper government chose the city to host a summit of world leaders comes with a price tag, and Ottawa should pay it, Mayor David Miller said yesterday.

Police vehicles were burned, bank windows smashed, and storefronts vandalized Saturday as a small band of militant G20 protesters ran riot in the downtown.

As the city resumed business as usual yesterday, Miller called on Ottawa to assume financial responsibility for the mess. The mayor did not have a cost estimate of the damage.

Some 700 people were arrested in the wake of Saturday’s violence while the Integrated Security Unit said 900 G20-related arrests were made since Friday.

Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said before the summit that the federal government is not legally bound to pay compensation for “losses suffered as a result of international meetings.”

Ottawa has said, however, it would consider providing compensation to those businesses “impacted by extraordinary security measures.”

“If 400 or 500 police officers standing outside your front door is not an extraordinary measure, I don’t know what is,” said Fred Luk, owner of Fred’s Not Here and the Red Tomato restaurants in the Entertainment District.