On his last day in office, Mayor Larry O’Brien’s mind was already on his new job, writing two books about his term.

“I’m trying to write the story behind the stories,” he said Tuesday. “Everything from the transit strike to my trial to a lot of other things that went on, the untold story, the story that wasn’t necessarily picked up by the media.”

What’s next? O’Brien himself isn’t sure.


“Right now the whole focus of my activities is on the writing side, and to relax, and then after that, the next opportunity will present itself,” he said. “You know, I’m not someone who likes to sit quietly in the background and do nothing.”

O’Brien said he’s “relieved and I’m happy.

“I’ve had a joyful heart since about three days after the election and I’m wishing the council and the new mayor all the best and all of the wisdom that they can possibly muster to move forward for the city.”

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