Mayor Peter Kelly is anxious to get out of the hospital and back to work.

Kelly left council meetings on Tuesday to go to the emergency room at the Queen Elizabeth II hospital because of abdominal pain.

He was recently diagnosed with diverticulitis, a digestive condition.


Kelly said it was a relief to find out what was wrong with him.

“It’s always good to know and I’m glad there won’t be any operations or anything,” he said.

“Now I know I have to eat in certain ways and certain meals.”

It can be treated with antibiotics and careful monitoring of his diet, he added.

“They’ve done the blood tests and other intestinal things and now I’m just waiting for the final permission to leave,” the mayor said from his hospital room, yesterday.

“I’m looking forward to getting out and getting back to work.”

Kelly said he’s hoping his release will come today or tomorrow, and doesn’t expect to take much time off to recover at home.

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