A few days ago, Volvo released a commercial featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme. The viral stunt video shows the 53-year-old actor standing on two moving Volvo trucks. As the vehicles start to separate, Van Damme performs a split, keeping one foot on each truck. The demonstration was created to showcase Volvo's new dynamic steering technology. In just five days the video has been viewed more than 30 million times.

Artjail, a video production house based in New York City, has posted a parody video featuring controversial Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, whose face was pasted over Van Damme's mug.According to the YouTube description, Artjail were "completely in awe of the Volvo Van Damme Epic Splits spot," and "remain completely in Awe of Mayor Ford's Epic lifestyle north of the border."

We're hoping this video doesn't get pulled for copyright infringement because this is a good one.

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