The mayor’s annual food drive raised just under $494,000 this year, 25
per cent more than last year, Mayor Dave Bronconnier revealed Tuesday.

Over $6 million in food and funds has been raised for the Calgary Food Bank since the event began in 1988.

“I think that really speaks to the generosity of Calgarians,” Bronconnier said. “People fully understand that even in tough times and even when we had the booming economy the first half of the year, there is still an acute need for the food bank.”

Sponsors who collected and donated funds for the event include the Calgary Board of Education, Canada Safeway, CUPE, and the Motor Dealer’s Association. Bronconnier stressed that even though they’ve been having a rough time with the economy, all members of the Motor Dealer’s Association came through for the Food Bank.

“For every dollar donated we distribute up to four dollars worth of food,” said April Cruz, communications and marketing co-ordinator for the Calgary Food Bank.

“For all the food coming in through this event, it’s directly going to go into the hands of people who really need it almost immediately – as soon as everyone is finished sorting. The timing of this is perfect to help us get through the first three months of this year.”

To commemorate the 20th year of the mayor’s food drive, Mandy Stobo contributed a large-scale puzzle titled, Who Knew When Tied Together They Could Fly So High. Sponsors all took home a piece.

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