Calgary may have some hot properties fit for Monopoly’s prime locations — but it’s sure tough to find any free parking.

Still, Calgarians have the opportunity to vote the city into the same real estate hot spot as Boardwalk and Park Place, and Mr. Monopoly-clad Mayor Dave Bronconnier is encouraging citizens to hit the online site to drive Calgary’s bid to be on Hasbro’s new Monopoly Canada game board.

Bronconnier, who opts for the race-car piece when he plays the game, says Calgary’s standing as a national leader should make it a prime candidate to be printed on the spot traditionally held by Boardwalk. “In international and national surveys, Calgary has been named the city with the highest quality of life potential, safest city and cleanest city,” he said.

“Now’s our chance to snap up the prime real estate on one of the most popular games in the world.”

Twenty-two cities will be selected of the 65 for which voters can cast their ballot — and the city with the most votes will be placed on Boardwalk.

Go to to vote.

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