Mike McCourt — The long history of civic politics in this town reveals almost nobody loses his/her aldermanic seat. You got whacked in 2007. You’ve got that tag whether you like it or not, Mr. Burrows.


So what makes you think you can be mayor with that type of background?
Craig Burrows — Well, I would look at anything in life that is it’s not worth fighting for and challenging things, that you’re not trying hard enough.


Winners are people who continue to fall down, pick themselves up, brush themselves off and move forward. So to me I made some tough decisions that at hand were not popular at the short term, but I think you’ve seen in the last three years some of those ideas have come into fruition as far as what I was warning about.

MM — You seem to be saying that you’re right and the voters were wrong. Voters tend not to like that kind of thing?

CB — I’m not saying that at all. The reality is what you get with me is what you get. I believe in being honest, truthful and straightforward to people. I’m not going to lie to you to get your vote.

MM – You’ve been on Enmax and you’ve been talking a lot about Enmax. The new executive over there led by Gary Holdman has said repeatedly that the Enmax mandate is to get out there in the unregulated electricity market, compete for business and do business. I take it you don’t agree with that?

CB — I support the idea of the wires in retail. The power generations side concerns me because of the billions of dollars of capital investment into those things. Right now there’s many private people that want to get into it. I’m concerned the risk we are taking is not worth the dividend we are getting back.

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